Functional Problem Solving

Charlie Curtsinger
Meeting Times
MTWF 10:00–10:50am in Noyce 3813
Office Hours
MTWF 2:45–4:15pm in Noyce 3827
Review Sessions
  • Th 10:00–10:50am in Noyce 3813 with Sam
  • W 8:00–9:00pm in CS Commons (Noyce 3817) with Sarah, Evan, and Zachary
  • Th 8:00–9:00pm in CS Commons (Noyce 3817) with Kumar and Alex
Class Mentors
  • Caleb Kumar (morning section)
  • Alex Greenberg (morning section)
  • Sarah Trop (afternoon section)
  • Evan Bruns (afternoon section)
  • Zachary Segall (afternoon section)
  • Renn Jervis (apprentice)

About this course

Welcome to CSC 151.01, the morning section of Grinnell College’s introductory computer science course. In this course, we will work to develop your experience with algorithmic problem solving. While we will be using Scheme as our programming language for this course, you will quickly see that the problem solving skills we learn in this class are applicable to other languages and in settings that don’t involve programming at all.

We will be emphasizing media computation, the application of algorithmic problem solving techniques to media. We will focus specifically on creating and manipulating images.

CSC 151 requires no prior knowledge of computer science or computer programming. We’ll teach you everything we want you to know. It’s okay if you have some experience (although this may sometimes put you at a disadvantage; we do things differently), but it’s certainly not necessary.

There is another section of this course taught by Professor Sam Rebelsky. Sam will also run the optional review sessions on Thursdays.


February 11

You can find instructions on setting up remote access or a virtual machine on the CSC 151.02 website

February 10

Due to ongoing issues with MathLAN, assignment 3 and the side effects and writing your own procedures labs are now optional.

January 27

Our first “real” assignment, HW 2, is now available