Photo of Charlie Curtsinger

Charlie Curtsinger

Department of Computer Science
Grinnell College
1116 8th Ave.
Grinnell, IA 50112
Noyce Science Center 3827
(641) 269-3127

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be my advisor?

No, sorry. I am not taking advisees during the 2018–2019 academic year because I will be on leave the following year.

Will you write me a letter of recommendation?

Yes, as long as you ask at least two weeks in advance. Please send me a request by email (even if we already discussed it in person). In your email, please tell me when the letter is due, how it should be submitted, a brief description of what you are applying for, and attach your application materials.

Can I list you as a reference on a job or internship application?

Yes. We should discuss this in person ahead of time; I can be a much better reference if I know something about the job and why it interests you.

Can I meet with you?

Yes, even if you aren’t in one of my classes. Please make an appointment during my office hours. I may limit my office hours to students in my classes during busy parts of the semester, and I generally limit students to one appointment per week to make sure all students have access to office hours.

Can I work with you on a research project?

That depends. I like working with MAP students over the summer, but I have found that I rarely have enough time to supervise research while classes are in session. If you have a clear idea of what you would like to work on and you are comfortable working independently, we can discuss the possibility of working during the academic year. Please take a look at my research to get a sense of the type of work that interests me.

I would prefer to take CSC 213. If I take CSC 211 will I be cut from 213?

The department recommends both courses, so we do our best to allow students to take both whenever possible. There are a few cases where we have cut students from CSC 213 or CSC 211 because they did not need the course to graduate, but we are doing our best to keep these cases to a minimum.

I hear you're pretty good at debugging. Can you help me debug my program?

I’d like to help, but depending on the bug I may not have time to help. I am generally interested in hearing about bugs, even if I don’t know how to fix them. Make an appointment during my office hours or stop by when my door is open.

I have a question that I think should be on this list. Can you add it?

Maybe. Send it to me by email and I’ll consider adding it to this page.