Operating Systems & Parallel Algorithms

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  • Ben Mikek
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About this course

Welcome to the spring 2021 term 2 session of CSC 213: Operating Systems and Parallel Algorithms. In this course, we will learn what is happening a level of abstraction below your programs when you run them on a modern computer. We will learn how the OS and runtime libraries providing useful services to programs, how the OS manages scarce resources like CPU time and memory, how access to storage and network devices is controlled, and the role that hardware plays in each of these concerns.

This class has no exams or quizzes; instead, you will write code that uses or implements many of the key abstractions we learn during the course. Most of your grade in the class will be determined by the quality of your work on labs, which you’ll complete in pairs or groups of three. In addition to labs, you will need to complete weekly individual assignments, and come to class ready to participate.